Why I Started Trekfanproductions.com

I want to tackle a rumour that I have heard and one that I feel is worthy of my attention.

Today during a conversation with some others involved in the fan film community it was brought to my attention that “some” see Trekfanproductions as a site that is in direct competition to “Fan Film Factor” or to push a “hidden” agenda, this could not be further from the truth. Well, unless you think that dragging the spotlight back to where it should be is wrong or an agenda of negative intent.

Now, some would take this as a personal attack and reply in kind. I though am not one of them, I see this as feedback and one that I felt I need to address to clarify my position as the owner of this site but I also wanted to make and the position of Trekfanproductions.com very clear.

The main reason, although not the only one for me started this site is that I saw a need to help bring the focus back to the many Star Trek Fan Films that for some reason seem to have been pushed aside in favour of a “certain production”, but I also strongly felt that the same attention needed to be brought to ALL Fan Productions as like it or not, not all roads lead back to Axanar! fan productions of all genres for example Podcasts, Audio Dramas, and Fan Fiction deserve just the same attention. I felt it was the time we also get to know more about the lesser-known ones like Fan Artists and the many Star Trek related websites out there. All these have become part of what makes Trek so great our diverse look of things and how we all celebrate it.

Therefore, I hope this has put this rumour to bed as it were and now we can get back to enjoying and celebrating fan productions in all their eclectic varieties.

Thank you for your time in reading this.

As always, all Feedback good and bad is welcome and helps me divert my attention to where it needs to be.

James Hams

Owner and Creator of Trekfanproductions.com

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