Starbase Studios – ON THE MOVE Pt 2 – With Dan Reynolds

Starbase Studios moving to its new home in Harrison Arkansas, I wanted to touch base with one of the new owners Dan about how things are progressing. I sent him a quick IM on Facebook and asked if he wanted to write a guest piece to update everyone.

So I now hand over to Dan for him to fill you in on what’s been going on at the studios new home.

Initially, when I stepped on and offered my TV studio space as the new home for Starbase Studios, I had no inkling that the day we were loading up the trucks in Oklahoma City that I’d get a call offering to by my building. Which, by the way, had been on the market for 7 years. I was in a compromising position for sure. But, as divine luck would have it, I found a much bigger facility close to my hometown of Harrison, AR and the remaining sets, including the bridge are now housed and erected In the new building.

Glen came down and early Friday morning he and I did the impossible and erected the entire upper, lower consoles, turbo lift section, railing, view screen and captain’s helm and navigation console in just 2 days.

From communications to the end of stocks station.

The upper console work begins. This part was a challenge. For those who know the bridge construction, nothing is square and no piece will stand without falling over.

The upper console work begins. This part was a challenge. For those who know the bridge construction, nothing is square and no piece will stand without falling over.

End of Friday. The captain’s island, turbolift, railing and view screen set for Saturday

Saturday morning starting with the overhanging facade. Forgot about this. Amazingly this took a very long time to complete. Nothing seemed to want to fit although every piece was numbered.

You can see the facade with the iconic red/orange stripe above each console.

Finished and leaving Saturday night. Glen Wolfe and I are tired but exuberant.

And as the last light is turned off, this was so fitting of our last photograph of why we do what we do and why the love of Star Trek continues day after day after day.

GUEST BLOG BY Dan Reynolds

WOW! this is amazing! thank you so much for this, Dan.

If you want to continue to follow the story of the rebuild of one of the most iconic fan film sets out there then follow Starbase Studios on Facebook and I will continue to touch base with Dan and bring you updates as often as I can.

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Starbase Studios – ON THE MOVE

Starbase Studios are on the move.

Back in October, the guys at Starbase Studios the home of many fans created productions such as Starship Valiant, Starship Ajax, Melbourne, The Federation Files, Starship Republic, Dreadnought Dominion, and Starship Grissom have been asked to move out of their current location and need a new home.

This came as a shock after being in their current location for such a long time however, nothing lasts forever, and now the epic task begins.

After talking to Starbase Studios they have told me apart from moving, they have also restructured their management team in order to become more efficient within the studio and to be more structured when dealing with the productions that will use the studio.

Therefore, the good news is they have narrowed down locations to two possible places to call “home.” However, they require our help to achieve this task; recently they have set up a gofundme to raise enough capital to achieve this task to hire the equipment to facilitate this move such as Trucks, Fuel and manpower to get things moved.

The money raised will not be used to pay for rent, utilities, or construction; this is all about the move this fund-raising drive is to offset the actual moving costs and getting not just the sets but also the lighting, sound equipment, costumes and everything else into its new home.

They have until the end of December to get this move done and dusted so time is not on their side and really do need our help if we are to continue enjoying the productions they have made thus far.

So what can we do, well donate is one thing but if you want to donate some time in helping with the move even if it is to provide some refreshments while the move happens then contact them on the Facebook page

= UPDATE = As things steam ahead with the move, the guys at Starbase Studios are making good headway of moving to their new home in Arkansas, they have dismantled the transporter room and the next step is to dismantle the bridge sets.Starbase Studio

The Gofundme is well over halfway towards their goal it currently stands over $2000 of their $3500 target.

Nevertheless, they still need our help to reach their goal of $3500 to enable them to move hassle free and let us all continue to enjoy what makes them so special.

I caught up with Vance Major quickly today to see how things are progressing with the move.

James) Hey, I want to update the blog on Starbase Studios move, what is new?

Vance) We are having the first big haul today and in 2 weeks the next one.

James) How goes the fundraising is it on track or you still short by a lot?

Vance) We are over half way, but we could be doing better Lol.

James) But it is going OK it is not going to hamper the move?

Vance) ….IDK. Lol, we will figure something out, we always do.

James) Well although I cannot help due to my geographical location I will do what I can to help any way I can.

Therefore, we can all help in a few ways, and it does not just mean parting with your cash.

1) Go help them dismantle the sets and load them up in the trucks.

2) Go down and lend support just helping with refreshments will mean loads to them.

And if! you can

3) Donate.

For us all to continue to enjoy what these guys do for the fan community we need to help them as at STARBASE STUDIOS, they support every fan film that wants to go and film using their sets, no matter the idea this is what makes them so special as they are the only production that allows this.

Please help them get to their new home, either with a donation, a helping hand or by sharing the link, so they can continue to take you to strange new worlds.

Do not forget the links at the below to either Donate or Contact them if you want to give them your time and lend a hand.

No help will go unwanted.


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