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Do you fancy volunteering your time helping out or even starring in a Star Trek fan film? on this page you will find “classified adverts” for any fan production that is looking for help be it just helping out or even being cast in their production. All you need to do is browse the page and if you see a posting that takes your fancy follow the links provided in the post and contact the production directly. 

If you are a fan production and want to use this page for your needs then please contact us at to discuss your needs, there is NO charge for using this page, the only thing Trekfanproductions asks is you, spread the word of our site to others.

Star Trek Fan Film Casting Call.

Expenses paid. (50-mile radius of Dundee, Scotland, UK)

Alison “Fitz” Fitzpatrick.

Female, 25-35 years old.

A career scientist and military officer lost in a time and place not her own.

As this is a Star Trek fan film (and frankly our budget is whatever money we can scrape together) this role is unpaid. However, food will be provided and expenses will be covered.

Yes, we’re amateurs, but we strive to produce the best films we can with the resources and skills we have. We do this stuff because we enjoy it, not to make a living. If you would be interested please either respond here or drop a message to Starship Intrepid on their Facebook page > HERE <

Their most recent short film can be found below. with further episodes at this > LINK <



Are you a (semi)experienced film editor willing to give up some of your free time to help out a Trek Fan Film?

The crew of Melbourne are looking for some extra help in editing some of their latest work, the work has been classed as not in need of professional level experience so if you are a keen amateur film editor then please follow the following link and speak directly to this productions producer.

As a Fan Film, this is a non-paid opportunity, however, there is a chance of repeated work with this production.

Key Requirements:

Experience in layering sound – adding background sounds to the film

Chromakey experience – green/blue screen work

Notes from production:

Semi laid map of required work has already been planned

If you are interested please enquire with the production at the following links. 


If any of the information on this page is either out of date or incorrect then please contact us at the following email and we will address the issue asap,  please be sure to add your issue and a clear description of what the issue is.