Welcome to Trek Fan Productions

So what is TrekFanProductions.com?

At Trekfanproductions we celebrate all things related to Star Trek Fan Productions.

This includes but is not limited to.

  • Fan Series
  • Fan Films
  • Podcasts
  • Blogs
  • News Sites
  • Fan Fiction
  • Fan Art
  • And, so much more.

The idea for the site was conceived last year when the negative issues surrounding Fan Productions reared its ugly head. So many productions were being pushed to the background due to people putting unnecessary focus on a “certain production” and its producer this caused so much negativity throughout this close-knit community. The hope of Trekfanproductions is to bring as many fans together in one place sharing their stories and experiences in being a part of this amazing universe.  

The main ethos of Trekfanproductions is that this site is to be a totality fan run and participated site, we really want to get the fans engaged in the site’s content, so it is not just us writing blogs that may or may not appeal to the fans who read them, we actively encourage all fans like you to get involved. By asking all fans to participate we feel that you will want to share your interests, stories and everything you enjoy about Star Trek with others.

SO! it is time to bring back the love and shine that light on what makes the fans of Star Trek so great and that is our passion for bringing new stories, art, and discussions surrounding the franchise that has endured for now over 50 years. Restoring what made fan productions so great without the negativity that currently surrounds them.

If you have interested in helping us or have any suggestions on adding content to this site then please feel free to contact us at Contact@trekfanproductions.com