FAN FILM BLOG – Star Trek: Continues – And We Say Goodbye….


So that’s a wrap…

After 3 Years, 9 Months, 20 Days, 23 Hours, 33 Minutes, 19 Seconds, Star Trek Continues has wrapped filming its last episodes and in a heartfelt message, STC actress Michele Specht posted this photo along with this message to her Facebook page today.


Here it is: The FINAL picture taken of our entire Star Trek Continues production team – during our final episode shoot. If you’ve seen our STC FB page, read our most recent newsletter, or seen the recent postings on this page, then you already know: STC has indeed been completed. We are wrapped. Our last 4 episodes have been shot, and are in post-production – and the link to Episode 8 will be emailed to IndieGoGo supporters at 12noon PST on April 1st, and then released online to the public on April 2nd! The other 3 will be released throughout the rest of this year.

I hope you can see how bittersweet this picture is… all these amazing people who were brought together because of Vic Mignogna’s dream and our mutual love of Star Trek, and became a family. I just realised… we started this process (building the sets, coordinating our team, etc) in 2012… So we indeed completed OUR five-year mission. WOW.

We are so very excited for you to see this amazing series come full circle… trust me, you will NOT be disappointed.

bar-top-n2bar-top-n1So what does this mean well simply that’s it they are done with their series, now I know a lot of people are going to cry foul and say this is all CBS’ fault for their Fan Film Guidelines, well nothing could be further from the truth.

In a blog posted on the STC website, they address this very issue with the following comment…

Weren’t you going to make 13 episodes? Did CBS make you stop?

“CBS is not responsible for the decision to end the series. We are doing 11 episodes instead of 13 because another fan group took advantage of the good graces of the copyright holders forcing them to protect their property and the interests of their license holders. In deference and gratitude to CBS, we are wrapping up earlier than planned. We always have stood, and continue to stand, with CBS.”


Therefore yes, unfortunately, it is indeed a sad day for the fans of one of if not the best Trek fan series to be made to date, but they have 4 episodes left to release with episode 8 being released in just over 2 weeks and then the rest released throughout 2017.

As Spock once said, “Change is the essential process of all existence.” Although this chapter in fan films is over and we say goodbye to some old friends, many doors old and new are opening and Star Trek Fan Films will continue to go boldly and keep pushing the envelope reaching new heights.

With many fan productions releasing new episodes and shorts in the coming year I am so excited to see what is coming, I have already seen snippets and early releases of what is in production and without spoiling things for you there is some AMAZING stuff coming. Yes! Star Trek Continues was one of a kind and in my eyes unique in terms of its production value and feel in recreating The Original Series, however, other productions are doing some fascinating stuff that I assure you with what they have planned they will fill this void.

bar-top-n2bar-top-n1Episode 8, “Still Treads the Shadow” will be released to Indiegogo backers on Saturday, April 1st at Noon PDT. It will be posted on YouTube and Vimeo for the public on Sunday, April 2nd at Noon PDT.

So mark your calendars, set your alarms and get ready to sit and watch what is certainly going to be a great episode.


In case you have missed their previous episodes here they are, sit back and enjoy….

  • E01 “Pilgrim of Eternity”

  • E02 “Lolani”

  • E03 “Fairest of Them All”

  • E04 “The White Iris”

  • E05 “Divided We Stand”

  • E06 “Come Not Between the Dragons”

  • E07 “Embracing the Winds”




4 thoughts on “FAN FILM BLOG – Star Trek: Continues – And We Say Goodbye….”

  1. I’m not sorry that it has ended. It was a rip-off of Star Trek-New Voyages/Phase II and Vic Mignogna’s petty and spiteful vendetta against James Cawley and the P2 staff, all because he failed in his attempted takeover and could not get his way.

    For that, I say good riddance.

    If only the same could be said for Alec Peters and Axanar.


    1. Hey,

      Thank you very much for your comment.

      I understand your frustration and anger. However, I would ask that you please refrain from such a volatile statement that can not be backed up with evidence. such statements may lead to further anger from others directed towards you or this blog and I do not want this becoming a battleground over who is right and who is wrong.

      This blog post is a celebration of the work they have done and how many fans will be sad to see Continues finish.

      Thank you.



  2. Sad day indeed. I enjoy the writing and tone of the series. A fun exercise is watching the TOS episode “Mirror, Mirror” and then the STC episode “Fairest of Them All”. You get a real sense of their love of the series and crazy attention to detail.

    Live long and prosper…

    Liked by 1 person


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