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bar-top-n2bar-testbar-top-n1As part of a blog series I am doing on Trekfanproductions, I am hoping to obtain as much participation as possible from as many individuals as I can, so I have constructed this poll to ask people who regularly do or have previously donated to a Star Trek fan production. This poll has been active on Facebook since April 23rd and the results thus far can be seen > HERE < but in the interests of fairness to all, I have brought it over to Trekfanproductions to enable everyone to see it and participate. > READ HERE <bar-testWhen we wrapped up our featured blog series The Melbourne Files I said we would revisit the Melbourne cast and crew down the line well this is part one of our follow up. Late last month the guys at Shadowstorm Studios dropped their first outing in the Star Trek universe; STORMFRONT. The fan film has received some great reviews and has given life to its own series of fan art…… > READ HERE <bar-test“DUET” is a Quintessential DS9 issue-oriented episode that is very riveting and brilliantly characterised with some very good performances. The Plot does mainly centres around a Cardassian named “Marritza” who does happen to arrive at the station as a passenger on a passing ship. Kira does promptly arrests him for a being a war criminal and throw him in a cell on the station. You see,….. > READ HERE <bar-testTurnabout Intruder is apparently, an almost universally hated episode. Ratings were poor, Shatner’s acting is mocked as being campy, it is bashed as being sexist and reactionary – “a knee-jerk response to the increasingly radical women’s movements of the late 1960s” – all in all, a poor final episode to a brilliant and progressive show. Well, so they say – needless to say, I disagree….. > READ HERE <bar-testStar Trek is one of the most enduring cultural phenomena to come out of the United States in the 20th Century, and certainly the most enduring science fiction franchise to ever do so. Premiering with the original series in 1966, viewers were swept away to strange new worlds and new civilizations as well as new cultural and technological ideas. While lagging behind the 1963 debut of the British series Doctor Who… > READ HERE <bar-testAs we draw closer to the release of Star Trek Discovery (DSC) there has been a lot of assumption as to what the new show is going to bring to the franchise, one thing we know for a fact it is going to bring is Star Trek’s first openly gay character. Throughout its 50-year history, Star Trek has brought us TV’s first mixed race kiss along this was in itself controversial for its time, > READ HERE <bar-testSo that’s a wrap…

After 3 Years, 9 Months, 20 Days, 23 Hours, 33 Minutes, 19 Seconds, Star Trek Continues has wrapped filming its last episodes and in a heartfelt message, STC actress Michele Specht posted this photo along with this message to her Facebook page today. > READ HERE <bar-testThis week we wrap our current featured blog series about the fan film Melbourne by interviewing Michael Sylvester AKA Captain Nathan Cooper. Michael, born on September 11th and has lived in Huntsville, AL since 1993. Is a keen photographer who owns his own company http://www.sylvesterphotography.com/ Michaels love for photography started when he was a child and has always dreamt of making a career out of his passion and it was in 2006 when he made that dream a reality. > READ HERE <bar-testpersonal1Another day, another drama reared its grisly head, this time it was caused by a simple blog. Yesterday I wrote a blog in recognition of the important announcement that Star Trek: Continues is getting ready to release episodes 8 to 11 this year, simple and harmless enough right LOL! Erm, well, no that would be wishful thinking. > READ HERE <

bar-teststc1It is the news we have all been waiting for and for some, it has caused a bit of unexpected controversy, a certain group of “fans” along with a certain production decided to take social media to show their annoyance that Continues will indeed continue. The only downside! Instead of 13 episodes as previously planned Continues will now wrap after its 11th episode. > READ HERE <

bar-testd1For a generation of nerds (and I use that term affectionately, for they are my people) growing up in the late 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s, Star Trek was essential viewing.  Every week, Gene Roddenberry’s most famous creation brought us a vision of a hopeful future: a progressive, highly-evolved environment, where mankind has grown up and defeated racism, broken through social barriers, and explored the universe in the name of peace. > READ HERE <bar-testBrittany loves to cosplay and can even read Egyptian hieroglyphs, yep that is right she can read those things inside the pyramids and on ancient artefacts… I wonder if she can read Gould lol! I have been told that she is one of the nicest people I could possibly ever meet by so many who know her, and it is my pleasure to sit down with her today and discuss some aspects of her acting life and her role in Melbourne. > READ HERE <new-bttm-bar