Star Trek is one of the most enduring cultural phenomena to come out of the United States in the 20thCentury, and certainly the most enduring science fiction franchise to ever do so. Premiering with the original series in 1966, viewers have swept away to strange new worlds and new civilisations as well as new cultural and technological ideas. While lagging behind the 1963 debut of the British series Doctor Who, it preceded the 1977 release of Star Wars by more… READ MORE
This is a work in progress and has taken me well over 25 hours to transcribe and triple check, however, If you find anything completely out of place, then please let me know and I will amend as soon as possible. My aim here is to make sure that EVERYONE has access to the podcast even if you do not want to listen to it. READ MORE

It is the news we have all been waiting for and for some, it has caused a bit of unexpected controversy, but as they say “you cannot keep a good thing down” Star Trek Continues has always shown to be the pinnacle of fan films not only of its productions values but in its way that it conducts its self with its fans and the powers at CBS. The only downside! of this good news is, instead of 13 episodes as previously planned Continues will now wrap after its 11th episode. READ MORE 

Spanning almost a decade Starship Intrepid (formally Star Trek: Intrepid) has produced Nine! episodes varying in length and scope, this fan series has been made possible by not only the dedication of all involved but the passion of one man Nick Cook. Nick originally from London, UK moved to Dundee Scotland where after graduating from university he became a Nurse for the NHS (National Health Service) and is a husband and a father. READ MORE 

Star Trek: Discovery Premieres Sept 24