This past weekend was San Diego Comic-Con, and for the uninitiated, it’s sort of like the nerd version of the draft.  While actors and talent aren’t chosen based on a lottery, like a draft, the event gives insight to the upcoming “season” of entertainment. This past weekend, we saw much of what we could expect for the next year or so of genre based entertainment.

This is a work in progress and has taken me well over 25 hours to transcribe and triple check, however, If you find anything completely out of place, then please let me know and I will amend as soon as possible. My aim here is to make sure that EVERYONE has access to the podcast even if you do not want to listen to it.

Four Years and 27 Days ago that’s when Star Trek Continues debuted its first episode “Pilgrim of Eternity” and now we are heading fast towards their final episode, which will be a two-part episode called “To Boldly Go”.

Well, here we are with part four, so far we have covered a total of four separate guidelines. Although I have not dissected them in order these have been some of the more simple ones to be able to breakdown for you.